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Airline Tickets 2Airline Tickets 2 - A nice list of links to a range of airlines, bid on airline tickets to pay the price you can afford, and military personel airline tickets to save you military people some money for your serivces.

If you want to bid on airline tickets you may want to read a few of these bidding tips to make sure you get the best deal and so you know some things to be prepared for. Bid on airline tickets if you know the risks.

If you do decide to use an auction site and bid on a ticket, follow these tips before you bid:

Do your homework. Check other reservation web sites prices on the web before you bid on airline tickets to make sure you don't overpay.

Be prepared to wait to buy. It generally takes a lot of time, up to 24 hours, to bid on and get your desired price for a ticket.

Be prepared to wait at the airport. Having a layover of greater than three hours is not uncommon.

Be prepared to offer concessions to get your desired price on a ticket. For example, you may need to agree to depart and/or arrive at a different airport than you originally specified. In addition, you may need to change your day(s) of travel.

Commit to your travel plans. tickets are absolutely non-refundable and non-changeable, so all sales are final. Should your travel plans change, you will end up forfeiting the money you shelled out for the ticket.

The bottom line is that airline ticket auction sites do give you an opportunity to save money, but only you can decide whether the time and risk are worth it. It exemplifies the old proverb, "You get what you pay for."

Bid on Airline Tickets - Sky Auction is a fast-growing travel auction marketplace where you can bid on airline tickets, room nights, tours, cruises and all-inclusive vacations.

We negotiate special deals with leading airlines, hotels, resorts and cruises -- the brands that you know and trust -- to offer you amazing bargains.

We began operations in February of 1999, and have built our business around two simple, but powerful, ideas: first, that consumers should pay for their travel however much they feel it is worth and not a penny more; and second, that purchasing travel should be easy and exciting, not difficult and boring!

Go bid on airline tickets now, you may find what you're looking for straight away.

Below is a screenshot taken from Sky Auction's 'Auctions Closing Soon' page just to give you an idea of what it looks like. You could compare it to ebays layout if you've visited ebay before.

Bid on Airline Tickets - Auctions Closing Soon (Click to enlarge)

Cheap Airline TicketsCheap - You can find them on lots of websites...well they say they are cheap. Here you can find links to various websites that you can compare prices with, to hopefully find you cheap airline tickets. Maybe the cheapest, & maybe free?

Bid on Airline Tickets - Auction Hammer

Bid on Airline Tickets - Links

Sky Auction - Travel Auctions: Bid on Airline Tickets, Hotels, Cruises & Vacation Packages.

eBay - eBay is the largest and longest running person-to-person auction on the web. Bid on airline tickets, cars, clothes, footballs the items are endless.

Site written by Neil Villette